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Rebuild or Replace?

There are times your engine or transmission problem is so severe, you may have to decide whether to rebuild or replace.  The underlying consideration of time and cost, however, are typically more important.  Below summarizes the key points to consider when faced with this decision. 

Rebuilding involves the complete disassembly of your existing engine or transmission, inspecting all the components, replacing the damaged parts, then assembling it back together to factory specs.  It is typically the most time-consuming option, although it can be (but not always) the most cost-effective.  The decision, at least initially, hinges not on time versus money, but rather your confidence in who will rebuild your motor.  Because if there’s any issues with the rebuild, at best it will take even longer than initially expected.  It may even prove more costly.

The alternative to rebuilding is replacing, and there are two versions to choose from.  You could replace with a remanufactured or used.  The term “remanufactured” is in some ways misleading.  It’s not uncommon to hear someone refer to remanufactured as “new” but in truth it’s neither or remanufactured – it’s a rebuild.  The salient distinction between the rebuild that uses your existing and a remanufactured is the latter is presumed to be superior in quality, namely because remanufactured is rebuilt by a shop that specializes exclusively in rebuilding transmissions meaning they are presumed to be experts.  The desirable traits of remanufactured are mainly linked to quality and timeliness because unless you have a unique requirement, there is almost certainly one in stock ready to ship.  But it will invariably be the option that costs most.

Replacing with a used is distinctly different from the first two options.  Used is not typically rebuilt in any way, unless a part had to be replaced in order to make the unit functional.  Otherwise, what you have with used is simply a part removed from another vehicle.  Used can be sourced from places like junkyards but there also companies that specialize in selling used engines and transmissions.  Generally, they are tested and verified to work before sold.  The upside to buying used is it can cost significantly less than your other options and, because they come assembled, it can be timely.  The downside is that because it’s used, it may (but not inevitably) end up being only a temporary fix.  But if your budget compels you to go with used, there are things that can be done prior to installation that reduce your risks.    

Finding yourself in a situation where you are compelled to consider these options can be incredibly stressful and disorienting.  The service advisors at Mendo Motorz can help you navigate the questions to consider, lay out your options, and make suggestions based on your situation.  We recognize the significant costs involved with even the lowest cost option, and we offer several payment plan options.


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